In this article, we will  be discussing exhaustively on the topic” What is Light Language”. 

For immeasurable number of years, humans have been caged in a very poor understanding of who we are as spirit beings. While our linear thought may help us feel safe, it can also limit us from relating or communicating on a deep soul level with our maker.

It is when we grow beyond human reasoning, if only for we can for some moment, that we have to the opportunity to tap or have a little access into a realm where we connect with something so true, pure and wonderful that it defie logical explanation.

These moments grants us the chance to know that our experiences in those dimensions are more true and real than our day to day lives that prefectly avoid the divine part of who we are.

Humanity is modifying, Intuition and spiritual growth are intensifying within many persons, Light Language has a huge and natural part to play in this evolution, though it is very different from other types of expression that it is mostly misunderstood.

Light language stands as a growth or development into language of the heart, conceptual, and connective language. Light language can sound like a foreign or extra-terrestrial language. It can also sound like animal sounds, clicks, tones, or it can be musical as well. Toning, the Sound Healing word for singing sound healing, is one way this Language of Light comes through as sound.

Light Language promotes you through healing, and stirs deep cellular knowledge about the inborn and powerful flow of Love within you.
Light Language: Broadens your multidimensional awareness, links you with your higher Self, Correlates the latest scientific theories to your subtle nature, heals the relationship between your heart and mind.

What is Light Language

What is light language
What is light language

Light Language is a form of communication that goes beyond human limitations around the meaning of words.

  As defense to a language that is made up of symbols and sounds that we have commonly agreed upon as one society or culture.

Light Language has no exact letter or alphabet, It is a vibrational expression that speaks directly to our soul and DNA. 
Light Language is a type of high vibrational frequency of sound. light language  is considered to be the ”language of angels’’ or the ‘‘Soul language”.

It is both an archaic and futuristic multi-dimensional form of communication that look pass the logical mind and connects directly with the heart and soul.

It is the language of the soul, which aids us to communicate and relate directly with Source without the disturbance of the mind, while activating codes to help with healing and restoration on all levels.

“These active frequencies of sound and light adjust to each person’s vibration, causing about depth in hearings, activations, healing and balancing.”
What we feel, when we come in contact with light language is more important than what we think.

It is even more better to allow the mind to let go, loosen up and lighten up when receiving Light Language, cause we might be receiving a message that will filter into our minds, but it’s not important in order to get the benefits.

Purpose of Light Language

In examining the topic ” What is light language”, lets examined the purpose of light laguage.

* It is to move our energy to a more higher frequency than we normally inhabit.
* It helps our brains enter the receptivity of the Gamma state, which connects multiple areas of our brain.
(Gamma waves has to do with high memory recall, sensory perception, focus, processing speed, and creativity)
* It helps us move simultaneously with Spirit to bring restoration to all creation as we incorporate parts of our multidimensional soul for a unified expression of our highest self.
* It helps in opening DNA strands required for bodily ascension

* Light Language (At the soul level) can help us heal emotionally and physically, link to our natural wisdom, stir up dormant gifts and truths, and connect to our purpose.

Forms of Light Language

* It can be spoken.
* It can be written.
* It can be aired through binaural beats.
* It can be danced.
* It can be signed with the hands.
* It can be toned. 
* It is as individual as each channel who brings it through.

How Does Light Language Serve Us?

Light Language can be used for many things.

(1)It can be used as a way to heal and evolve.
(2) It is a human way of bringing that energy to Earth.

It is  important for us to have a unified experience as humans here on earth and not try to over look the complexities of what it means to be alive right now, it is very helpful to connect with a more higher perspective to keep us moving and evolving! .Light Language is not limited to a particular set of persons, anyone who opens up can channel Light Language.


In conclusion, we have examined ” What is light language?” , Purpose and forms of light language, the purpose of light language among others.


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