Tiger Plaza is the best off-campus housing option for students at Louisiana State University.

It is not the usual students’ housing as their community and apartment amenities, groomed grounds and dedicated staffs strive to contribute to the high standard of living for their residents. From the moment residents walk through the front door of their home apartment, they feel comfort an security.


Tiger Plaza is located at 4445 Alvin Dark Avenue, Baton Rouge, LA 70820, United States of America. Tiger Plaza is just 30 minutes walk away from Tiger stadium. This residence is conveniently accessible to shopping malls, schools, museums and parks too.


Tiger Plaza

Tiger Plaza having features in the apartment area, the community area and also a special feature that is set aside for everyone for its great essence. In the apartments of Tiger plaza, there are special amenities which is of utmost importance to the residence and at the same time makes the space comfortable.

The air-conditioning, the cable, alarm clock, garbage disposal, the ceiling fan, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer in-unit, the stainless steel appliances, the balcony amongst others makes up the apartment amenities.

The community features comprises of the pet park, the individual leases, the on-site management, the basketball court, swimming pool, game rooms, fitness center, clubhouse, study room, internet access and more. The special feature is the availability of the university shuttle service. All these being put together makes up the Tiger Plaza residence.


All features and world class amenities found in Tiger Plaza adds gaiety to the residence and surroundings. These gains build up the positive notions in the hearts of internal and external occupants.

At the point of entry into the Tiger Plaza, the fully air-conditioned complex spikes up a feeling of calmness as the cooling air penetrates through the body and gives a relief to the tensed and stressed body. The refrigerator stores edible items for later use by the residents. The washer and dryer units aids the laundry process and the balcony gives a perfect sit out view for the residents too.

The fitness centers, game rooms, basket ball courts help in times of leisure and the body building process. It adds to the fun activities in Tiger-Plaza.

The swimming pool and club house can be utilized in times of get together, parties and meetings. The study room and uninterrupted internet access gives the residents the perfect environment for their research, also helps that there’s rapid and swift access to the internet without any barrier. The internet access makes web surfing easier and faster.

The shuttle service is the most essential as the students have direct access to the school from the Tiger- Plaza. It makes it more easier and faster as the residence is majorly occupied by students.

Additionally, the staffs of this residence render the best service as the residents would need. They are swift to action and ever ready to meet the needs of residents.

They are accountable and efficient, their dedication to their duties yield good results for the Tiger Plaza and creates wellness and calm in the residents’ hearts.

The security network has been of immense good as all activities are monitored in order to provide safety for residents. There has also been an improvement in the security settings as the lapse have been corrected to avoid any breakdown of security personnels. This gives the residents the assurance of their safety and they enjoy the moment they spend in Tiger Plaza. The residents of Tiger Plaza has all these features at their disposal and utilize them properly.


Tiger Plaza with its facilities provides good benefits to the residents. These benefits are enormous and it ranges in various proportions. The residents are witnesses to the goodness of Tiger Plaza.

Reports has it that the facilities in Tiger-Plaza are world class and they meet the perfect standard as compared to other world class apartment like Auden Albany, The scarlet Lubbock and others. For this reason, the efficiency provided by this apartment to the residents are at the peak.

The environmental qualities; the neatness, serenity and others make the complex to be sought out for. The staffs’ dedication and desire to meet the residents’ needs, their patience and reliability increases the rate of commendations.

Tiger Plaza has perfect customer service network. This with other benefits makes them stands out and more recommended around Louisiana.Their security network which suffered a downfall has been pointed out and rectified and even coupled with a more advanced security technique. The residents in and within Tiger Plaza are assured of safety. Tiger-Plaza has gradually created comfort for the residents.


From all reviews and testimonies, Tiger Plaza is more acceptable to be a residence for students who seeks to study in a conducive environment with modern facilities . Take advantage of Tiger Plaza and see the redefinition it has given to off-campus housing.

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