Vital information on the view on pavey square will be made available for American students who sseks a calm, serene and coducive environment for learning. Pavey square is an off campus student housing suitably equipped with facilities that match the taste and comfort of its residents. The features, benefits and review of the complex are so wide and fascinating as it cuts across all views of inhabitants and the public around the arena.


This edifice is situated at 10W Northwood Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43201, United States of America and it is just a few walks from Ohio State University. Its easy accessibility to food spots, grocers, entertainment centres and the town in general adds to its appealing attributes.


The View on Pavey Square

The features embedded in the complex both internal and external are list fIl with its most recent facilities. As regards to the present features in this complex, the Pavey Square is best classified as a facility where “Sophistication meets style”. The internal area with features ranging from the studio, 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom floor plans, the electronic entry doors, the 50inch LED TV, easy and free WiFi and cable.

The complex also contains granite countertops, kitchen, stainless steel appliances, air-conditioning, under bed storage, spacious closet, the private deck or balcony to mention but a few.

The external arena which can be described also as the community perks or areas with communal lounge with tech enabled furnitures, secured bike storage, conference room, study spaces with 24-hour fitness centre, mail room, sitting arena, large elevators and many more. All these make up the amenities and facilities engrossed in the Pavey Square.


The advantages that are set to be experienced from being either a direct resident or an indirect resident to pavey square are so enormous because it is basically a place that comfort is assured and guaranteed. It is sited in an area where it has aided the community around it positively in varying facets. Whether being in the complex or anywhere near it, that sensational feeling the Pavey Square produces will be felt.

The world class facilities in it, the availability of comfortable mattresses, the free and uninterrupted WiFi network for direct and quick access to the internet, the comfort experienced after walking through the sunny streets, passing through the stress that comes with the day and then walking into the air-conditioned building is the least comfort to be derived from Pavey Square.

The more the list of features can’t be exhausted, the more the feeling of calmness and peace from the Pavey Square can’t be spelt out with words, but rather a firsthand experience. This complex is comparable to New York University Dorm, Princeton apartments and many others.


The View on pavey square has placed the minds of everyone situated in and around it at awe. For occupants, pavey square is more of “heaven on earth” and also a “perfect home away from home”. Whilst for admirers in the surrounding environment, pavey square has brought light to the city.

This mighty building has beauty that emanates both from within and outside. Another fact that is that its presence in that city has improved the economy of the environment. Pavey Square has done a job of projecting the city and also bringing different individuals to the area and by that, economic activities have increased and more profits have been yielded. It has also made the city lot more accessible to visitors.

Additionally, the staffs offer the best services, quick response to calls, friendliness in interaction, proper expressions and warmth welcome. The occupants get the best customer service, even more than they expect, because the staffs show a high degree of dexterity, professionalism and they place calls for duty as priority. In essence the staffs’ qualities adds to the beauty and class of pavey square. Occupants are more or less guaranteed safety in their interactions and encounters with the staffs too.

From reviews gathered, Pavey Square adds an advantage in all areas of the environment it is situated at. It is safe to note that Pavey Square is perfect for Columbia.


Putting together the siting, the features, the gains, the remarks of the community from in and out of pavey square, there is no doubt that the complex has met all set out standards and it is worth being tried out by individuals. The comfort and undescribable feeling it presents in the hearts and minds of its occupants is something that should be the driving force, drawing more people to getting a spot in Pavey Square.

The advantages cannot and will not be over-emphasized as feelings are best described after personal encounter.To this end, I boldly rate pavey square with a 5.0star and in turn recommend that pavey square be given a trial and subsequent experience too. For I am convinced that the aftermath comments, feedbacks and reactions will be unexplainable as I have stated earlier.


If there’s a place to get a perfect experience of comfort and high class, then it should only be at Pavey Square, Ohio, Columbia. Pavey square also serve as a tourist center among others.

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