The scarlet lubbock is a student residence, a comfortable apartment and a sereene environment which attracts a lot of students and other American citizens because of its design, location and serenity. This apartment brings about aa life time connection between the occupant with unique display of cultural heritage from different people all over the world.

In this complex, the students are opened to a community of like-minded individuals and to campus life and style network. A standard is being set for their everyday experience, somewhat that has never been seen. A residence of individuals with great exposure, experienced, critical thinkers, well-educated people with good character and role model in the society.


The scarlet is located at 2202 Mac Davis Lane, Lubbock, Texas 79401, United States of America. It is just one block away from Texas Tech University.

FEATURES OF The Scarlet Lubbock

The Scarlet Lubbock

The perfect experience presented to the Scarlet Lubbock residence are as a result of amenities emebedded in the complex as well as physical and social network which fosters relationship among the residence. These features provide a range of easy and comfortable living, and it goes a long way in leaving behind a lasting memory for the occupants.

The Scarlet Lubbock has exclusive interior designs put together by award winning NYC designer, Jon Call. The spacious 1, 3 and 4 bedroom units, the 50 inch TV adds to the beauty and comfort experienced as in a home. A 24- hour accessibility and running fitness center together with the full-service tech bar, the resort style pool, fully furnished apartments with large sized kitchens, walk-in closets, each with its private washers and dryers makes the apartments very outstanding and also serve as a tourist centre .

The Scarlet Lubbock is very affordable, as the renting cost is pet-friendly and ease of payment strategy is assured. Its renting price cannot be compared to Princeton apartments and New York university dorms.  The security set up of the scarlet is also a good feature to be taken into cognisance, because it puts the residents mind at ease and their safety is assured.

The mind-blowing and warm receptive customer service rendered by the staffs also makes it easier for residents to feel calm and safe. All these make up for all aspects of the physical and social factors in the scarlet, though more are still yet to be mentioned.


All the features of the scarlet lubbock apartment provides various benefits to the residents. 

(1) The spacious rooms provides adequate comfort and room for ventilation too. The TV adds to the visual experience and fills the space of the leisure time.

(2) The tech bar and pool allows residents to cool off with colleagues and friends. The bar also provide an avenue for group meetings while the pool serve as cooling break for hot weather condition especially when the residents needs to maximize full potential associated with the apartment in a calm atmosphere.

(3)The fitness center is also an added advantage as it operates 24 hours round the clock which gives room for residents to have easy access to the fitness facility at a time pleasing to them and it helps in preventing weakened muscles for those that would always want to keep fit.

(4) The security network provides safety to the occupants. The scarlet Lubbock is set up with a CCTV surveillance system that monitors core areas in the complex and enables the security officers have vital and tangible informations and references on occurrences in the edifice. The residents are rest assured that their safety is ultimately guaranteed. This gives them the freedom to carry out their activities with little concern about the security of their properties and belongings.

(5) The all inclusive rent meets the areas of apartments and facilities as the cost of use are embedded in one cummulated cost per head. Adding to it, the price is not hiked as may seem but rather it has been made affordable to the occupants so that they will easily get it paid and opens more doors to prospective clients. The scarlet cost draws attention of the non- occupants as the experiences gathered are not measured up to the cost demanded.

(5) The well-dished out customer service from the staff makes the residents want to keep having a spot at the scarlet. The staffs are respectful, honest, jovial and associative. They give the residents the accommodating feeling and ensures that their minds are assured of being in safe hands. They are a reliable and accountable. They offer their best reception to their residents. In all of these advantages, the goal of all the features and the main advantage is comfort.


Residents aired their views on how the Scarlet is and no doubt this complex deserves some honor awards on outstanding class and quality. The scarlet is attributed with materials of high value and therefore the experience it returns to the residents are high valued also.

This complex meets and even get higher above the average set standards and every part of it adds to its good ratings and commendations. The scarlet is truly a residence that is far beyond just a students residence. Its outgoing values is always stick to the hearts of the occupants.

They would never want to stop experiencing the scarlet. So, many views and opinions from already experienced occupants are valid testimonies of the apartments as well as exceptional services rendered by the staff to the occupants.


The scarlet having met all the layed out standards has gone further in increasing the gains and provide an unusual experience of the embedded facilities. It is acceptable that the residence should be wide-spread through all of the surroundings and neighboring environments.

This complex is the residence suitable and certified to be toured on to have a feel of the best services it offers. Care, comfort, safety and near perfection are all embedded in the scarlet.


The scarlet Lubbock, Texas is and will always be the right residence for students in the city of Lubbock. It will make you get a feeling of all that is been portrayed in “The Scarlet”.

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