College years are indeed special periods in history which is why the London college station has organized and brought together factors with the sole aim of making these few years of one’s life a remarkable and a memorable period.


The London college station is sited at 601 Luther W St, College Station, Texas 77840, United States of America. This apartment is just few minutes from the Texas A&M campus.


The London College Station

The London apartment with its audacious structure has within and inside the complex facilities that does the task of easing the stress that comes with living through college years. This apartment is similar to Princeton apartment. The 24-hour fitness center, the library, full-tech bar, coffee bar and the poolside sets up the within aspect of the London apartment.

Internally, the 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments are spacious and outfitted with a 42 inch flat screen TV each, fully equipped with kitchens, closets and hardwood style flooring.

The uninterrupted power supply, the fully air-conditioned building, the 24-hour security surveillance system, the interior designs put together by Jon Call, an award winning interior designer and lastly, the diligent staffs and customer service network. These factors put together are the sources of the good feeling of wellness experienced in the London College Station. It is a fantastic apartment to be.


Every facility in the London college station has its purpose and values it adds to the occupants which in turn results in them having a best time in the apartment.

The library, well equipped with up-to-date materials, the environment’s serenity also aids the perfect study time the residents would need. The fitness center, always running round the clock non-stop, allows access to keeping fit and maintaining body structure at any time there is need to do so.

The coffee bar serves as a spot which aids little party time out or relaxation with colleagues. Variety of drinks are made available and the sit out setting is perfect and well arranged.

The pool has its task of cooling off the bodies of residents if used. Essentially, it is most helpful in the times of the sunny and humid weather or after a stressful day which calls for the need to be relaxed and cooled off in all parts of the body. It also aids in the area of bonding with friends and sitting out too.

The spacious rooms ensures the availability of ventilation to some extent, it also allows residents make proper arrangements of properties needed for school too without causing any form of congestion.

The security system serves as a safety assurance to the residents as every activity both in and within the building are fully monitored and recorded.

The well trained, diligent and reliable staffs adds to the quality the London College Station possesses. There is efficiency, dependable man power and assurance of a non-regrettable experience. The receptive nature and placing residents needs as priority play roles in adding to the benefits gained by these occupants.

The interior designs adds the right beauty to the apartment. All world class designs set up having an interpretation for all of itself. The designs speak meaning and it brings life to the structure. 

All these benefits mentioned are sourced from the facilities put in place in the London college station. They aid the feeling of comfort experienced and presents to the residents a home out from home too. The feeling is within and it has its impact in the life of the residents.


The London College Station has facilities which has in turn posed huge gains on the residents of the complex. These benefits make up the testimonies of residents that have had a feeling of the atmosphere of the London college station.

The range of good carried to be disbursed through the London college station cannot be mentioned or numbered as it leaves wonders and desires to be a part of the complex again in the hearts of residents.

An experience that cannot be neglected to be gained a second time. The homily feeling, the safeness, the feeling of calmness from the atmosphere in the environment, the cordiality amongst  the occupants, the best customer service experience, the perfect environment for a student to dwell in is all and more that these apartment has in it.

Additionally, there are students residence around Texas too but that does not diminish the best nature of the London College Station.

This residence speaks perfection in near perfection. And the residents in it and the surrounding environment are well pleased that such class of worth and standard is set up in the vicinity.

Occupants are always happy that they are a part of the complex and they do not have any form of regrets whatsoever. In all, the London College station is truly a 5 star rated apartment because it’s facilities meets the quality standard and also satisfies the occupants rightly as expected too.


The London College Station being an apartment with worth and a highly rated standard, there is definitely a convincing feeling that being a resident to this complex will in turn place minds at ease and the best experience we dream of will be gained too. The London College Station is reliable and trustworthy to satisfy our discomfort. Be a part of it.

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