The best laid plans of mice and  men   presents  classic story of two migrant labourers during the great depression by John Steinbeck is a fascinating story of friendship, devotion, and betrayal. Many reviewers regard the book as a symbol of the great depression, a social critique of the time, and a fitting tribute to working-class people, and it has been recognized as one of the most influential works of the twentieth century.  Continue reading to find out more about the author, the plot, and the topics of the book.

About the Author John Steinbeck & The Plot of the Book

John Steinbeck was a prolific American author who produced several works. Of Mice and Men is a short story about two ranch hands, George and Lennie, who migrate from place to place in California in search of work during the Great Depression. The book is about George and Lennie’s relationship and their hopes of one day owning their ranch. It also touches on a variety of other topics, such as loneliness, sadness, envy, hatred, prejudice, and terror, as Lennie becomes mentally impaired and George understands how deadly his friend maybe.

The plot of the novel follows the two as they move from one job to the next. They are often seeking new jobs because Lennie has a history of killing or harming animals on the farm where they have been working. This book “Of Mice And Men pdf” is recommended for all.

Why is it called Of Mice and Men?

Of Mice And Men Pdf
The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men

The title of the book is a homage to Robert Burns’s poem “To a Mouse.” The poem emphasizes the importance of not assuming and not passing judgment on individuals before getting to know them.

Is of Mice and Men a true story?

While studing the book “Of Mice And Men pdf”  we discover that this  story is set in the 1930s and tells the fictional story of two migratory workers, George and Lennie, who move from place to place without ever settling down. They make do with whatever they can find or steal along the route.

The work was published in 1937 and received positive reviews from critics. Rodgers and Hammerstein transformed it into a Broadway musical in 1960. Since its publication, it has been translated into other languages around the world.

It is unclear whether John Steinbeck’s work is based on a genuine story. But he did labour as an itinerant farm worker in California during the Great Depression of the 1930s, so he had firsthand knowledge of the time.

Are George and Lennie Related?

George and Lennie are not related in any way. In the novel ‘Of Mice and Men,’ they are just two comrades who work together on a farm. The story takes place in the 1930s, during the great depression. George and Lennie hope to one day purchase their property.

Lennie Of Mice and Men

Lennie is a huge, mentally challenged upon a man who struggles to control his actions. Lennie is a young man with a mental impairment that prevents him from controlling his activities. He has a child’s mind and speaks childishly.

Is Lennie guilty of killing Curley’s wife?

One of the most controversial topics in literature is whether Lennie was guilty of murdering Curley’s wife.

The proof that he is guilty is weak, and he could be innocent often. Lennie’s thoughts and actions before, during, and after the incident provide evidence that he murdered Curley’s wife.

In the story, we observe Lennie having a dream in which he murders a woman who resembles Mrs Curley. This dream demonstrates that Lennie was feeling guilty about what he did to Mrs Curley before it happened.

Who discovers the body of Curley’s wife?

It is unclear who discovered Curley’s wife’s body in the story. Candy finds her in Chapter 12 and asks George to help him. Lennie, on the other hand, informs George in Chapter 13 that he found her while they were looking for their rabbits.

How does Candy react to the death of Curley’s wife?

Curley’s wife’s death is a significant incident in the plot. Candy reacts to it in a variety of ways.

Candy is simply “sitting there looking at her” in the first occurrence. He has no idea what to do with himself, so he departs and returns to his bunkhouse.

When he returns from the bunkhouse later, he is calmer and has a plan for what he needs to do. He informs Lennie that she was dead when he arrived and that she was as cold as ice. He decides not to notify George about her death until George returns from town because he wants something wonderful to happen to George after this tragedy.

Who is Curley?

Curley is the ranch supervisor and the owner’s son-in-law. He’s been married to Lennie’s sister for five years, but the couple didn’t conceive children. Curley is a bully who targets people who are smaller than him, such as Lennie or Candy.

Why was Lennie smiling at Curley?

The question refers to the conversation between Lennie and Curley. The answer is revealed in the line when Curley says, “I’ll tell you what I’m going to do with you right now.” According to the verse, Lennie is smiling because he believes Curley will not harm him.

What does George do while telling Lennie the story?

George is telling Lennie about how he and his wife murdered a mouse. He’s using the story to teach Lennie a life lesson. George begins by informing Lennie that he used to work on a ranch. Then he tells him about his and his wife’s experience in a cabin near Soledad Canyon. They discovered a mouse in their cabin one day and decided to kill it because they didn’t want it to live with them or consume their food. George goes on to claim that after killing the mouse, they felt so awful that they had to leave their home and move.  While relating to this narrative, George shot and murdered Lennie.

What does Lennie’s death symbolize?

The death of Lennie represents the end of the American ideal. The death of Lennie is a metaphor for the American dream. The American dream has been defined as “the possibility of prosperity and happiness through hard work.”

It is seen in Lennie’s behaviour, as he longs to touch soft animals but ends up killing them owing to his lack of brains and comprehension.  This represents how people from low-income backgrounds or with low intelligence are unable to succeed in America due to a lack of education and opportunities.

Themes in “Of Mice and Men “

1. Friendship

The themes in “Of Mice and Men pdf” are crucial to the plot. They help us in understanding and empathizing with the characters. One of the most fundamental topics in Of Mice and Men is friendship. It is there throughout the novel, from George’s first meeting with Lennie until they escape Weed. Lennie’s death after the novel is the outcome of his lengthy relationship with George.

2. A Woman’s Role in Society

One of the themes in” Of Mice and Men pdf” is that society tends to neglect persons with mental problems, such as Lennie. They also feel that women are mainly

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