Most recently people have been searching for Ruben Studdard net worth. Ruben Studdard is an American singer and actor who rose to fame during the second season of American Idol. He received a Grammy award nomination in 2003 for the best male R&B vocal performance for his recording of “superstar”.


Studdard was born in Frankfurt, Germany on September 12th, 1978. His family then moved to Birmingham, Alabama where he began singing at age 3. He and his mother attended the Rising Star Baptist Church where he sang gospel solos precisely while his mother sang in the local choir. Ruben attended Huffman High School where he received a scholarship based in football to Alabama A&M University. At the university, he joined the omicron delta chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the men’s music fraternity of America.

Studdard began pursuing a career in music majoring in voice studies at Alabama, A&M. He graduated in 2000. His institution awarded him an honorary Master of Arts degree in 2015 too.


Ruben Studdard net worth

Studdard released his first single, a cover of Westlife ” Flying without wings” produced by The underdogs and Babyface. Due to sales, it debuted at number two on the Bill Board hot 100. His album “soulful” topped the one million advance orders in December 2003 before it was released into the stores.

The album debuted at number one on the billboard 200 album chart that month, selling over 400,000 copies in it’s first week and attaining second highest week sales. Studdard received a Grammy award nomination in December 2003alongside Luther Vandross who won. In March 2004, Ruben won the NAACP Outstanding New Artist Award.

Studdard released the gospel album “I need an Angel” on November, 2004. It was a cover of a 2002 single performance by R&B singer Daniel DeBourg and written by R. Kelly. The album sold over 96,000 copies in it’s first week. It since has sold over 500,000 copies securing Gold certification from Recording Industry Association of America.

In March 2005, Studdard filed a lawsuit against his godfather and business advisor Ronald Edwards. The suit alleged that Ronald stole money from his checking account. June, 2006, Studdard won the law suit and was awarded $500,000 for personal loses and another $1.5million in punitive damages.

His third album, “The return” was released in October, 2006. He celebrated with a variety of producers including Scott Storch, Stargate and Ne-Yo but he returned to R&B music on this album. He also co – wrote several songs on this album which includes “change me” which was the lead single, “make ya feel beautiful” which made a strong impression on the R&B charts.

In December 2007, Studdard was dropped from his record company J – Records due to poor sales of “The Return” which fell short of expectations. He remained under contract with 19 recordings and was assigned the high profile position of performing the American Idol season 7 farewell song. He collaborated with gospel singer Deitrick Haddon and duo Mary Mary on the hit gospel song “Love Him Like I Do”.

Studdard’s next album, “Love Is”, produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis was released on May, 2009. The album featured a mix of covers and original songs and sold 15,200 units in it’s first week.

He later returned to the  American Idol stage in 2010 to perform “Don’t Make Em Like You No More”. In 2011, Studdard signed with Shenachia Entertainment. His first album for the label and fifth studio release overall, “Letters from Birmingham” was released on March 2012. Most of his music has been used in college dorm party

Studdard founded the Ruben Studdard Foundation which intended to promote the arts of education in the Greater Birmingham Area through an academic tasks. He began a workout regimen for weight loss as a result of his obesity and he she’d almost 70pounds. Studdard has been nominated for a position in the United States Senate. He also has a number of honours including 3 billboard Music Awards, GMA Dove award, BET award, Teen Choice award and an Image award.


Studdard’s Networth beginning from 2003 till date falls at about a $5million range and this is sourced from his job as a vocalist.

From 2003, he earned $1.8million from his album “Soulful” release. Also from his 2004 “I need an Angel” he acquired $500,000. From his album “the return” in 2006, he earned $240,000. Also in 2006, after winning the lawsuit against his godfather and business advisor Ronald Edwards, he earned $500,000 for personal loses and $1.5million for punitive damages. Summing together, he earned $2million from the law suit and also over $4.5million between 2003-2006.

From his “Love Is” album, he earned $50,000 in 2009, the album playlist “the very best of Ruben Studdard” in 2010 got him $3,500. In 2012, “letters from Birmingham” album made him acquire $22,000 and his “unconditional love” of 2014 earned him $6,000. Between 2009 to 2014, Studdard earned $81,500. His earnings from his albums between 2003-2014 falls within $4.72million.

Asides the earnings above, Ruben Studdard intelligent investments in stocks and real estate, as well as lucrative endorsement partnership with cosmetics brand “CoverGirl”, is how he made his fortune. Additionally, he owns many restaurants in Washington DC ( the “fat Studdard burger” chain), a football team (the “Frankfurt am Main Angels”), a vodka brand (Pure Wonderstuddard – US) and a fashion line (Ruben Studdard Seduction) aimed at juniors (with love from Ruben). All these gives Ruben Studdard his income of $500,000 yearly.

In 2017 and 2018, Studdard had a networth of $1.5 and $2 million, in 2019 and 2020, he acquired $2.5 and $3 million respectively and in 2021, he had $3.5 million as his networth. From 2022 till date, his Networth falls in the range of $4.5 – $5.5 million. This with a monthly income of over $20,000 and yearly income of $500,000 currently.


Rubben Studdard is an American musical star with a networth of about $500,000. All these earnings are a combination from his awards and investments in businesses too. Keep on enjoying his series of music

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