Casey McQuiston’s Red, White And Royal Blue is an emotional coming-of-age story that is about two young men who are different in many ways but share common ground in their upbringing.

The novel centres around Alex Claremont Diaz’s life as he enters Harvard University and starts to live his life in the public eye. He meets Prince Henry, a British prince who challenges him to see America from a new perspective.

Continue reading to find out more about the novel, whether it’s worth reading and the best books like Red, White and Royal Blue to read and enjoy.

Is Red, White And Royal Blue A True Story?

No, Red white and royal blue is not a true story. This film is based on a book called The Royal We which is  fiction . The main character of the film is Ben Higgins, Indiana, who is in love. with Nina, a woman from Kentucky.

The plot twist comes when Ben realizes that Nina is Kate Middleton, the future Queen of England. Red, white and royal blue is nothing more than myths.

There is no building like the Windsor in England. The Prince of Wales, Prince Harry and Princess Kate does not exist. The Windsor family is a non-existent family. Therefore, the story of Nina and Benjamin is a fictional work of the author

Yes, this book is worth reading. You will love it. The author has written the book with her unique style which makes this book a masterpiece. The writer of Red, White, and Royal Blue said in an interview that she found a need and a hole that was not filled. You need to read this book if want to have a SAT perfect score for intended students applying for admission in US schools in Faculty of Art

She thought that there has not been a novel in a long time about the American Royalty so she decided to write about it.

What Happens In Red, White And Royal Blue?

Red, white and royal blue
Red, white and royal blue

Alex Clement Diaz was quickly cast as America’s youngest royal when his mother became president. Handsome, charismatic and talented, his profile is a golden selling point for millennials in the White House. There’s just one problem: Alex fights with Henry, the real prince.

Across the pond. Relations between the United States and the United Kingdom soured after the tabloids received a photo with Alex Henry.

Families, states and other managers devise a damage control plan: a truce between the two rivals. Alex soon finds himself drawn into a secret affair with the unexpectedly moody Henry that could derail the campaign and turn both nations upside down, begging the question: can love to save the world?

Where do we get the courage and strength to be the way we are? How are we supposed to be? How can we learn to show our true colours? Casey McQuiston’s royal reds, whites and blues prove that true love isn’t always diplomatic.

Is Red, White And Royal Blue Inappropriate?

The relationship between Alex and Henry is a complex one.  Alex struggles with the fact that he is the first son of the US, while Henry is the second son of the British Royal Family.

While they like each other and are friends, Alex struggles to accept his homosexuality and his identity as a biracial person of colour.  His struggle to accept himself and his identity is a central theme in the novel.  Indeed, the novel deals with themes of racial inequality, homophobia and gender inequality.

As a result, the novel is about much more than the relationship between Alex and Henry and the two are shown in a positive light as they try to negotiate their own identity in the novel.

Is Red White and Royal Blue going to be a Movie?

Amazon Studios is releasing Red, White and Royal Blue, an LGBTQ+ romantic comedy based on Casey McQuiston’s best-selling novel about the love story of the US President’s son and the British prince.

The film is directed by Matthew Lopez,  screenwriter of the hit Broadway drama Inheritance. Inheritance just won multiple awards at this year’s Tony Awards. Lopez also wrote the film, which is based on What if the ‘Prince of America’ fell in love with a royal princess?

Does Red White And Royal Blue Have A Happy Ending?

Can you imagine the ending of Red White and Royal Blue? Ultimately, this book served its purpose well. It was a beautiful means of expression. The protagonist was a balanced person with complex emotions and an interesting personality. The love story is light and touching, so it was a happy ending that everyone wants in real life.

What To Read If You Liked Red White And Royal Blue?

If you loved the novel Red, White and Royal Blue, then you should read these five books that are similar to it.

  1. Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall is a story about a woman who is looking for her perfect man, and she finally found him. It’s the perfect read for anyone who loves romance novels.
  2. Playing the Palace by Paul Rudnick is a satirical novel that follows the life of a fictional American Princess, the daughter of the President, who is trying to find her place in the world and with her family.
  3. One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston is about a woman who travels to Los Angeles to get away from her life. She meets the love of her life on the way there, but she has to decide what she wants in life.
  4. A Prince on Paper by Alyssa Cole is a contemporary romance novel that tells the story of a young African-American woman who has to overcome many obstacles to pursue her dreams.
  5. Conventionally Yours by Annabeth Albert is about two people who are in love with each other, but they have different needs and lifestyles. They have to decide whether they want to stay together or not.


We hope you enjoyed our review of Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston. We love a good romance novel and this one was just as sweet as we were hoping.  You will be able to read it in a day because it is just that good!

If you’re looking for a summer read and want something fun, light, and romantic, this is the novel for you.

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