Living in New York University dorms has always been an important part of most college tales, and plays a big role in some of the biggest academic success stories. Staying in a school dormitory creates avenues for meeting new friends, making fresh life connections, and starting new challenges in an environment where it’s safe to do so.


There are many exciting reasons why a college student would fancy the idea of being in a university dormitory. It brings out the spice of college life from different perspectives. At New York University, there is an opportunity to explore the world without sailing or flying across seas, you can do that within the
walls of your hall of residence. You can meet and interact with people all over the world. New York dorms is comparable to Princeton park apartments.

These unique individuals from both ends of the dormitory block do not come from the same part of the world, but they met in dining halls, in karaoke sessions and explorative language classes. They become friends from their first year in the university and ended up interacting, and sharing their cultural values. Isn’t that exploring the world from a location?


New York University Dorms

The New York University hostel houses about 23,000 students living in the University’s 22 dormitories. It means there is a possible 23,000 unique individuals that you can bump into on campus, you can meet them while trying out a new restaurant or in the lecture hall. That’s the diversity associated with living on-campus. Students do engaged in college dorm party in New York university dorms
Below are top 6 reasons why you should stay in an on-campus dormitory
1. Creates ease in making friends: Students who stay on campus do virtually everything together, and met themselves everywhere. So it’s easier to form a connection or discover common interest. It’s normal for freshmen to stay in traditional halls of residence to foster connection with each other. More specific connections between individuals may lead to them staying in special interest housing. This kind of relationship between students can bring higher support and motivation levels among them.

2. Higher level of convenience: School dormitories are usually closer to most academic places of interest like classes, libraries, and administrative authorities. You will be a step away from most of your ports of call in school. You can have easy access to the campus gym center, enjoy the on-campus food centers, school sports complex and many more.

3. Higher chances of getting better grades: There are more chances of getting better grades, and more chances of graduating from school when you stay in the school dormitory than when you stay off-campus.
4. Increased safety measures: The halls of residence are more secured than you think. It’s common to see the halls of residence being locked for long periods during the day, and students must scan their ID cards
to be able to gain access to the halls of residence. The sight of campus security operatives is not new to any on-campus dweller. The school security outfit is there to protect the school properties and the individuals who live in school, and they include occupants of the halls of residence. Do you see that? Extra cover of security for every school dormitory occupant.

5. More shots at personal development: Being on campus gives you more chances to develop your personal skills, social skills, and communication .You will have to take up some responsibility in your hall of residence or even volunteer for some community service in college. In this way, you will have the chance to improve your problem-solving skills.

6. No extra payment: when you stay in the school dormitory, you rarely experience cases where you may be asked to pay more to access some basic house needs like running water, fast internet, electricity, or
other needs. All of them are included in the total cost of your university bill. These reasons and more are why it’s not a bad idea if a student wants to stay in the New York University dormitory.

Is it cheaper to live off campus?
This question never grows old. It has never ceased to come from college freshmen and older students who are open to exploring the option of staying off-campus.
The cost of an off-campus apartment depends on many reasons, which may include:
1. Proximity to the university
2. The quality of the apartment
3. The prestige of the university.

On a large scale, it’s cheaper to rent an off-campus apartment than to rent an apartment in the school dormitory. Based on research conducted in 2020, the off-campus students in New York spend an average of $12,000 USD for a semester, while the on-campus students spend an average of $14,500 USD per semester.This average spending per semester includes all the basic amenities and food for a semester.


The dormitories at New York University are called residence halls, and they are categorized into two, namely:
1. Apartments: This is a residence that has a kitchen incorporated into its structure.
2. Traditional residence halls: These are residence halls that have no kitchen included in their original structure. There are residences and traditional halls for freshmen and upper-year students of New York University. The different halls of residence are sited in major parts of New York which include Brooklyn Heights, Washington Square, and other exciting places In New York City.

The dormitories of New York University are listed below:

Dormitory Halls in Brooklyn

I. Clark Street hall: Apartments for freshmen and upper year students.
II. Othmer hall: Contains apartments and traditional halls for freshmen and upper-class students.

• Dormitory Halls in Manhattan

I. Alumni hall: Apartments for upper-class students.
II. Brittany hall: Traditional hall for freshmen
III. Coral tower: Apartments for upper-class students.
IV. Founders hall: Traditional hall for freshmen.
V. Greenwich hall: Apartments for upper-class students.
VI. Lafayette hall: Apartments for upper-class students.
VII. Broome street: Apartment for upper-class students.
VIII. Carlyle hall: Apartments for upper-class students.
IX. Lipton hall: Traditional hall for freshmen
X. Gramercy hall: Apartments for upper-class students.
XI. Palladium hall: Apartments for graduates and upper-class students.
XII. Rubin hall: Traditional halls for first-class students.
XIII. Second street : Apartments for upper-class students.
XIV. Seventh street : Apartments for upper-class students.
XV. Third North : Apartments for freshmen.
XVI. Weinstein Hall: Traditional hall for freshmen.
XVII. University Hall: Apartments for freshmen and upper class.
XVIII. WSV & Stuy : Apartments for graduate students.


Question 1: Does all New York University dorms have a bathroom?
Answer 1: Every room in the New York University setup has its own bathroom.

Question 2: What is the best New York University dorm?
Answer 2: Based on students’ experiences, the 3 top New York University dorms are:
1. Third North hall
2. Brittany hall
3. Founders hall.
Question 3: How much does it cost for a dorm at New York University?
Answer 3: At New York University, the food and the housing are charged at different rates. As of 2020, the average student at the New York University spent about $13,500 USD for accommodation and $5,200 USD for feeding.


The dormitories of New York University are homes to every student of the university who lives in them. The dormitories are places where connections are formed, where cultures are learned, and where better
academic habits can be learned.

The university boasts of two housing formats: apartments and traditional halls. The latter is basically for college freshmen, while the former can be for any year. In the end, it all depends on a student and what he wants during his stay in school.

A place where he/she will have to continually connect and meet new people every day, or where he/she can have a quite time within the school vicinity at will . In summary New York University dorms is a serene and conducive environment that is recommended for all student who needs outstanding results in educational career and pursuit.

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