Copper Beech Auburn is a fantastic multi-complex apartments that is committed to providing the best living and learning environment possible with world class facilities that provides conducive environment for learning.


Copper Beech is situated at 575, Shelton Road, Auburn, Alabama, United States of America. Copper Beech is sited minutes away from Auburn University.


Copper Beech with it’s class has amenities and features that places it at the right spot and also allows residents have an encounter of the truth about this residence. These features are grouped into the apartment zone and community features. 

In the copper beech apartments, there are the bedrooms, the kitchens, the closets and each with its own flooring style and design. In the sections, there are equipments or amenities provided that aids the residents in doing some certain tasks.

The standard air conditioner, the TV cable, the garbage can, the microwave, refrigerator, washing and drying units. These equipments are found in the sections of the apartments. The basketball court, the business center, the fitness center, swimming pool, tennis court and a high speed internet access all make up for the community features in Copper Beech.

Additionally, the 30-inch electric range, the breakfast bar, the barbecue area, the lounge area, game room and many more sections are also part of the features embedded in this facility.


copper Beech Auburn

All the aforementioned features available in Copper Beech has its impact on the residents, the environment and the brand Copper Beech too. The apartments’ features like the microwave aids quick re-heating of foods, the refrigerators stores foods too.

The rooms temperature is kept moderate with the air conditioner and leisure times are spent with the TV and the subscribed decoder. The flooring styles and designs depicts meaning to the kind of room it is, it also adds life and beauty to the arena.

The sport arenas and fitness center helps in bringing together residents. There is bonding and the fun is shared evenly amongst them. The fitness center helps in the body therapy and its resulting effect is perfect for the residents.

The uninterrupted, high speed internet service is of great benefit to the entire residents as their ease of surfing the net, making researches and working online is guaranteed. This internet connection can be accessed by all occupants in the Copper Beech.

The breakfast bar, barbecue area, lounge area, game room all gives room for the residents to spend the leisure time, to have little sit outs and discussions too.

Copper Beech amenities and facilities in all increases the desires and wishes to have a space in the residence. They basically benefit in areas of fostering good relationship, comfort, and peace of mind. The benefits of being at home is definitely derived also in Copper Beech.


The standards of amenities and facilities put in place to set up Copper Beech is one that will always keep the eyes of residents on the look out for a much greater experience. Copper Beech has a perfect blend to balance the taste of worth and class the residents has too. It as well meets the level expected of it.

Residents has a lot to gain residing in Copper Beech Auburn. The feeling of importance, the peace, the harmony with fellow residents, the availability of all needed resources makes Copper Beech Auburn to be outstanding among other classic apartments like Auden Albany.

Copper Beech was set up with a goal of meeting the core needs of prospective residents and certainly they met that goal. Residents within and outside always have commendations for the Copper Beech. Even residents that have not been living in the residence for a long time. Praises from the state of the environment, the serenity, the calmness, the neatness, the staffs reliability, the rate of maintenance carried out.

Copper Beech is sited in the best areas of Alabama and the level of satisfaction the residents gets in return can not be exhausted. This residence is highly placed and highly rated. Both new and old residents both have testimonies that is capable of turning the minds of yet-to-be residents, back into considering being a part of Copper Beech.

The management and customer service is also a part of the high standard source. The staffs are jovial, very accommodating management and always available customer service. The services rendered by the staff to the residents is so outstanding, first class and highly commendable. The staff makes the residence feels at home.

Residents do not have any doubt whatsoever in entrusting themselves to the management as all their basic needs are met swiftly by the staffs too.


At Copper Beech, you don’t live in a cramped dorm but instead have the freedom of an apartment in a welcoming environment. The residents engages in various indoor and outdoor activities due to the provision of world class sporting activities. The feelings of staying in Copper Beech Auburn is always non-forgettable. Why live anywhere else? Choose Copper Beech for your accomodation..

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