Bangladesh Passport Renewal in USA seems to be difficult. Paasport a travel document issued by the government of Bangladesh to its citizens only for travel abroad. It must be under the control of either the owner or a person duly authorized by the owner. In case of loss or damage, the facts and circumstances should be immediately reported to the Bangladesh Passport Office or the nearest Bangladesh embassy and local police authorities. 

Passports may be refused on grounds of concealment of facts or false information. Deliberately damaging your passport or changing/amending your passport without authorization will invalidate your passport. 

A passport may be issued upon application to a Bangladeshi citizen for the following reasons:

  • My passport page is missing or about to disappear.
  • Damaged/lost/stolen/destroyed passports.
  • A child previously registered on the mother’s passport can also apply for another passport.

How to Renew

As of February 2022, the renewal and issuance of old Machine Readable Passports (MRP) in Bangladesh has been discontinued. If you want to get new documents, you will need to apply for a new electronic e-passport. This change makes the passport renewal process very different as we can no longer mail out applications.

So, if you want to know how Bangladeshi passport renewal in the US works, keep reading this article. We will explain how the new process works and what you need to apply. This post is recommended for all.

Bangladesh Passport Renewal in US Requirements and Procedures

Procedures have changed, so to apply for an e-passport, make an appointment at your nearest Bangladesh Embassy or Consulate. You need to do it in the United States. Check with your local agency and make an appointment.

These offices is located in:

1. Washington DC
2. New York
3. Los Angeles.

To apply for a new passport, Bangladesh authorities require:

1. Completed application.
2. 17 digit Bangladesh NID card/birth registration certificate.
4. Current passport;
5. Proof of legal US residency (valid visa, green card);
6. Marriage/Divorce Certificate (if applicable);
7. Two passport photos.
8. Money order/bank draft for payment of fees;
9. Self-addressed her USPS self-addressed envelope.

If you do not have a NID card or BRC, you must contact the embassy before applying for an extension.
If your pre-passport is still valid, it will be handed in at the end of the application process.

Bangladesh Passport Renewal in USA
Bangladesh Passport Renewal in USA

Electronic passport renewal fees are as follows:

1. $137.5 ($125 plus 10% tax) and a 48-page passport valid for his 10 years.
2. $165 ($150 plus 10% tax) for a 64 page passport valid for 5 years.
3. $192.5 ($175 plus 10% tax) for a 64 page passport valid for 10 years.

Allow 60 days for passport processing and return after submitting all documents
You can also choose expedited processing to receive your documents within 45 days for an additional $50 on top of the base rate.

The Consular Officer will provide a tracking number to track the status of your application. Once the new passport is ready, the old passport will be cancelled.

If you did not provide a self-addressed envelope on the day you submitted your application, it can be sent to the Embassy or Consulate immediately thereafter. They provide their mailing address on their website. We only accept envelopes from USPS, so be sure to pick them up at the post office.

How Long Does it Take to Renew a Bangladeshi Passport in the US?

Standard processing time for Bangladesh e-Passport is 60 (60) days and express delivery takes 45 (45) days. As MRP can no longer be reissued, you need to apply for a Bangladesh e-passport. Documents of this type can be requested directly.

Applications sent by mail will not be considered. To proceed with the extension, you must make an appointment online or by phone with your nearest Bangladesh Consulate or Embassy.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to extend your Bangladeshi passport in the US.

1. Download the form.
2. Please attach a copy of your current passport page with your photo
3. Please attach a copy of your current passport page with your visa
4. If you are a student please attach, Postal money order addition: US$ 110 (for regular delivery) / US$ 220 (for express delivery). Payment to the Embassy of Bangladesh. The payment instruction can state: For passport renewal ( Passport No.). Put all items (1-7) in one envelope (Envelope A) and attach a shipping label with tracking number.
5. Purchase a separate prepaid self-addressed return envelope, preferably USPS Certified (Envelope B) with tracking number. Address must be your address. Put envelope B in envelope A. If possible please enclose a letter explaining why you are not sending the original passport. Your package is ready for shipment.

Then enter your tracking number on the site, (Envelope A and Envelope B) and click the search icon. Then enter your phone number to receive delivery notifications. You will then receive a notification about your shipment.

Please wait when the envelope is delivered. If there is a problem with your luggage, the Bangladesh Embassy will call you at (202) 244-0183. You can save this number
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for passport renewal online in Bangladesh?

Unfortunately you cannot. To renew your passport in Bangladesh, make an appointment at the US Embassy or mail your documents. The online passport renewal service offered is only available to U.S. citizens with U.S. passports residing in the United States.

Who is Eligible for the Passport Renewal Service?

If you are a US citizen with a US passport and live in the US, you are eligible to renew your passport.

There are other requirements to be aware of as well:

  • Must have a current passport.
  • Passport must be in good condition.
  • You are over 16 years old.
  • The date of issue of the travel document is within the last 15 years.
  • Your current name is also on your current passport.
  • Passports must be obtained after the age of 16.

We advise you to continue reading the following information to know more about passport renewal and Bangladesh passport renewal

Does it require my Passport?

No, it does not. Our team does not require any articles or physical documents from you.

You will receive a kit with all the requirements for passport renewal is as follows:

  • Form DS-82 must be signed (in black ink).
  • A printed and stapled passport photo.
  • U.S. government fee check.
  • USPS envelope. 
  • You must sign the form and mail the entire package along with your current passport that is about to expire or has expired.

How Long will it Take to Receive My New Passport?

Passport renewals usually take 10 weeks. However, if you use our expedited service, it will only take 4-6 weeks. This procedure requires an additional payment of USD 60.

What is the Price and Duration of this Service?

The first fee that must be paid is the US government fee of $130.

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